How Often Should One Perform Workouts For Abs?

Lift Weights. Your body will burn more calories when it acquires more muscle. Do regular cardiovascular exercises such as swimming, running, dancing, and jumping rope, along with lifting weights so as not to lose your muscle mass and to burn fat much faster.

Interval training – Interval swimming is a highly effective form of cardiovascular exercise with cycling, running and other workouts. And swimming is not an exception. If you have no idea what interval training is, it actually means that you alter the tempo of your exercise in every couple of minutes. For example, you swim with a high intensity for first 2 minutes, then you slow the swimming intensity for next 4 minutes, and again push your pace to high intensity for next 2 minutes. This way you burn the highest amount of calories in a shortest period of time.

The rule of thumb for anyone who wants to start working out is Warm up! I cannot stress enough the importance of getting your muscles gradually ready for the following effort. Warmed up and stretched muscles will perform better and with no or less pain. Plus, starting your training session with a warm-up will help you sustain your regular workouts in the long run.

To find the perfect exercise for your abs, your initial routine must have variety. Test various exercises and equipment and you will find the right routine. Once you’ve found the right exercise, continue executing it and you will soon be on your way to having a six pack or a sexy tummy.

When your day is complete and you are ready for dinner, try something small and healthy like baked fish or poultry with a side of vegetables. To get six pack abs fast, wait an hour or so after dinner, then take another 15 minute walk to help digest the small amount of food you recently ate before you lie down.

This is known as the plank because you get into the push-up position, but the difference is you don’t have your hands touching the floor, you have your elbows touching it instead. Raise your body off the floor and hold the position while keeping it firm and still (static). If you are new to these workouts for abs, you might find that 45 seconds would be enough. Those more experienced can hold this position for up to 5 minutes. You can also do this exercise on your side with one arm raising you off the floor and one foot touching the floor.

If you start working out your abs on a daily basis, they will get tired. Abs, just like any other muscles, need some rest after working out, so that they can recover and repair. That’s why, it’s best for your abs if you have an one-day break between your workouts. Not only will this increase the efficacy of the workout, but it will also help you keep up the training in the long term. By choosing a training program that doesn’t tire you too much, you will also be more motivated to stick to it. And the results will b satisfying.